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Biden says it's time the 'very wealthy' and business 'start paying their fair share' in ...

The Daily Mail 03 May 2021
Monday's focus was on education - the first lady is a fulltime teacher ... 'Just pay their fair share ... more videos ... The students were working on a project where they were designing structures in case they were shipwrecked ... President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden examined the structures student built to show what they would do in case of a shipwreck.

Fayetteville's Sweet Tea Shakespeare prepares to perform in front of a live audience again

Fayetteville Observer 11 Apr 2021
From April 29 to May 9, play lovers can return to view Sweet Tea shows as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic ... "We're doing a really intense project called The Shipwreck Festival starting this weekend, and it will continue through July, but then we're continuing our podcasts, our streams, our audio dramas all through next year." ... More on the arts.

Registration open for ‘Tour Da Yoop, Eh,’ an epic 10-day, 1,200-mile bike tour of U.P.

Michigan Live 25 Mar 2021
Get ready for an epic adventure exploring Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, including three Great Lakes, waterfalls, nature and nine of its cities – all in the open air and under the power of pedals ... 6-15 ... Marie ... What’s next for the Muskegon County casino project?. Drone captures view of 1882 Lake Michigan shipwreck suddenly uncovered on beach ... .

Pokemon: 10 Scariest Episodes Of The Anime | Game Rant

Game Rant 13 Mar 2021
However, this episode quickly devolves into true nightmare fuel with both Brock and James falling under the ghost's spell, which turns out to be a malevolent Gastly that can talk just as well as Meowth and can project illusions of a hybrid Pokemon to attack anyone that comes after them.9 Pokemon Shipwreck.

Archeologists to explore 180-year-old shipwreck at bottom of Whitianga Harbour

TVNZ 26 Feb 2021
After more than 180 years resting in Whitianga Harbour, the HMS Buffalo shipwreck will be explored by archeologists. A painting of the wreck of the HMS Buffalo by G Jackson. Source ... Maritime Archaeologist Kurt Bennet, who is the leading the project, said the shipwreck was covered in sand when Australian archeologists looked at it in 1986 ... Source ... .

Archaeologists dive into exploring old shipwreck at Whitianga

RNZ 26 Feb 2021
After more than 180 years resting in Whitianga Harbour, the HMS Buffalo shipwreck will be explored by archeologists ... Maritime Archaeologist Kurt Bennet, who is the leading the project, said the shipwreck was covered in sand when Australian archeologists looked at it in 1986. In recent years, the sand has been scoured away, exposing most of the hull ... .

Experts to resume excavation work on Saudi archaeological sites

Arab News 24 Feb 2021
The authority will also carry out archaeological survey and excavation projects at 19 sites in different regions of the Kingdom, in addition to registering shipwreck sites in the Arabian Gulf for the first time ... It will also involve national cadres, including male and female students as well as archaeology and heritage researchers in the projects.

Roxburgh captures 20 shipwrecks of Leelanau County

Crossville Chronicle 07 Feb 2021
Once used by thousands of vessels over the last three centuries, Roxburgh captured and researched nearly two dozen shipwrecks off the shores of the Manitou Passage in a book of photos ... “I had no idea how extensive it really was until I started scuba diving and finding shipwrecks,” Roxburgh said.

Olija review – exquisite throwback to early-90s adventure games

The Guardian 04 Feb 2021
PC, Nintendo Switch; Skeleton Crew Studio/Devolver Digital With fast and fun fighting, a swashbuckling Lord Faraday explores a ruined archipelago where he has been shipwrecked Sometimes you can tell when a game is a labour of love. Olija is a one-person project by Japan-resident ...

Fed up of being stuck indoors? Homeschooling? Dust off your VR headset

NME 26 Jan 2021
I wonder just how much more impactful a school project about Titanic might be if the children could roam throughout that shipwreck for themselves, or what other historical points in history could be so much more engaging if teachers could work alongside game designers to craft historically accurate yet immersive environments.

Ancient Treasures Discovered in Roman Shipwreck at Kasos

Ancient Origins 21 Jan 2021
The underwater archaeology project discovered several shipwrecks including one carrying amphorae that had been produced in the North Aegean in the Hellenistic era in the 1st century BC and another with a cargo of amphorae from ancient Mendi dated to the Classical era in the 5th century BC.

I got cabin fever in lockdown … so I built my own beach hut

The Observer 17 Jan 2021
“I realised I had to have a project.” Simon’s solution was to start a building project ... I, too, needed a project and knew what I wanted for my lockdown sanity … I wanted to build a beach hut ... A giant whale bone or part of a shipwreck might suggest a starting point, and then the project grows, swelling as other finds trigger ideas.

Artificial reef gets 3 more boats after youth program wants to save future of fishing

Atlantic City 15 Jan 2021
And the project all started with a youth program ... “In terms of the reef project, I really wanted to help out to rebuild our local reefs since I have noticed in my short lifetime that the fishing has slowed over the years on these reefs. This project ... The project cost $100,000.

Digital atlas makes Micronesia more easily researched than Hawaii, Fiji, and Guam

Phys Dot Org 25 Nov 2020
Fishermen wanting to know the boundaries of marine preserves, tourists interested in seeing historical and cultural sites, a contractor needing to bury new utility lines, a student needing demographics for a particular set of villages for a project, a diver looking for shipwreck ...

Restored Revolutionary War anchor on display at Stockton field station

Atlantic City 12 Nov 2020
Using sonar technology, Nagiewicz, students and Field Station staff have discovered and mapped Revolutionary War shipwrecks that would have become forgotten history ... Michael Misko, a Hospitality and Tourism major, took a summer class to learn about shipwrecks and got involved with the restoration project.